My Restaurant Experience

I would rather cook at home than go to a restaurant. However, I usually will go to a restaurant to try something different or go to a place where I really love the food. The other reason I would go to a good restaurant is because my wife and I have a tradition of eating out once a month.

One of my favorite restaurants is Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse in Philadelphia, PA. I absolutely love the place, and have a pleasant experience anytime we go there. The food is excellent, the service is great and the atmosphere is very inviting; and those are the three things people look for in a good restaurant.

Another restaurant experience I also cherished was when me and my family visited the Cheesecake Factory in Cherry Hill, NJ on my birthday. Again, the food was top notch, the service was great and the atmosphere was very nice. One thing I wouldn’t forget was the bread we ate before our entrees came, it was absolutely delicious.

Because of my birthday experience at the Cheesecake Factory in Cherry Hill, I figured Cheesecake Factory everywhere will be a great experience. But how wrong was I. Since my wife and I enjoyed our experience two years ago in Cherry Hill we assumed we would have a similar experience in San Diego, CA. At the San Diego branch mistakes were made with our order, it took forever for our meals to show up, and the waitress forget some things we ordered. And the bread I enjoyed so much in my previous experience was limited.


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